Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 3

4 Miles and 12 Donuts Episode 3 from Jeff Cohen on Vimeo.

Miles Run: 0
Cumulative Miles: 3.72
Donuts Eaten: 2
Cumulative Donuts: 2


Anonymous said...

Grace is a wonderful co-host. Well I am up to running/jogging 2 miles in 30 minutes and still thinking of joining you guys...


Jason said...

Next time I expect to see a glass of water for you to quickly dunk your donut into so that you can eat it in fewer bites ...say two bites? I'm thinking something like those pro hotdog eaters do.

Ginny said...

I know I've told you this before, but your daughter is ridiculously cute!!!! Also, Jason is right about the water. The only way to down all those donuts is to dunk them in water, and you'll have to eat fast so you don't get full until after you're running. Good luck, I'll be there to shoot it all!

Adam Covati said...

Jeff, I love the blog. I ran the challenge last year without any training. That hurt. So this year we're going to do some 6 donut training runs.

My method, which worked ok, but still made me want to ralph (which I didn't!) was to pack 3 together into one, then dip it in water and slam the whole super donut down at once.

I'll tell you, it took far more time to eat the donuts than to run either leg. And when I was almost done I told myself that I would never do this again. Though as I tried to eat that last donut I also knew I'd forget how bad it was and sign up again this year!

Jeff said...

Thanks for everyone's suggestions. It will be back to running for a bit while I research techniques for donut eating.