Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jeff's Episode 8

4 Miles and 12 Donuts Episode 8 from Jeff Cohen on Vimeo.

Miles Run: 1.7
Cumulative Miles: 10.92
Donuts Eaten: 0
Cumulative Donuts: 3


jreesnc said...

Interesting perspective. Since I guess I don't have a Wii I'm not sure how this works. Do you run in place with the controller in your hand? How does it know how hard you are working out? It would be interesting to be able to integrate a wireless heart rate monitor into the game too.

This reminds me of RacerMate software that allows a cyclist to train against a computer generated opponent or a buddy anywhere in the world with the same system).

Jeff said...

Yes, you run in place and the controller in you pocket or hand acts like a pedometer. We talked about just shaking the controllers instead of running, but the only way for it to really sound like we were running was to run.

Just like Mel Blanc had to crunch on carrots while voicing Bugs Bunny, even though he didn't care for them and spit them out. Nothing else sounds like a carrot.

the Rab said...

Ha, very funny! Plus, Wii Fit running allows you to run along side Mii versions of Dick Cheney, Mr. T, Geordi La Forge, Neo, Barack Obama, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, Ice Cube, Chuck Norris, or whoever you can think of!